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Around The Office

Here at our offices we run into computer difficulties from time to time.  The main difficulty comes from aging Windows computers – it seems that the older the computers get the slower they get.  They just tend to run out of steam and get slower and slower.  We found that the main culprit is that they get cluttered with lots of junk files and folders.  There were a few great ways that we researched that can help fix a slower computer, or a computer that has slowed down over time.

One of the things that you can physically do to the computer that doesn’t cost a lot of money is to upgrade the RAM.  This is the physical memory of the computer and is different from hard disk space.  The memory is solid state data storage, and it determines how much the computer can do at one time.  For instance, memory will determine how many programs can be open at one time and how many functions it can do at one time.  The more memory, the faster and better your PC will run.  Thankfully memory is cheap, and you can upgrade for one or two hundred dollars.

Cleaning out the computer is another great option.  Since computers get slower the more that you add to them, cleaning them out is a great option for speeding things up.  A lot of times you won’t even realize that programs and adware has snuck onto your computer, often piggybacking in on other software you’ve downloaded and installed.  These programs will often run in the background, taking up resources and memory, and slowing things down.  The best way is to first look in the add/remove programs menu in the Control Panel.  This will enable you to manually uninstall any unnecessary software that you might not want.  Another thing you can do is to go into msconfig in the start menu and stop certain programs from loading when you boot up / start up your PC.  This will help you to make the boot process go much faster.

There are certain software programs that can help you to clean out certain parts of your computer that you might have trouble with cleaning manually.  A registry cleaner, for instance, will help you to clean up your PC.  We’ve used a few of these programs, including RegCure.  In this RegCure Pro review you can see what the program does and how it works.  Other similar programs include CCleaner and Registry Mechanic.

Another great thing to do is to ensure that you’re using a good antivirus / anti malware software program that can help you to protect your PC from unwanted software intrusions.